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4 Ways an Automated Gate Benefits Your Home-Based Day Care

Holding A Remote For An Automated Gate

The reality of the present world demands that tight security should be one of your top priorities if you run any type of child care business or institution. Although attacks such as shootings and hostage situations are relatively rare, they are just some of the reasons you have to do your best to tighten the security in your home-based day care.

One of the many measures you can take to boost security is to install an effective gate. Here are some benefits your day care business can gain from installing an automated gate.

Improved Security

Common security threats to day care include abductions, runaway children, and custody disputes that spill over to the day care and can harm a child mentally or physically.

Children are also vulnerable and will easily walk out of the gate if a relative or a familiar face beckons them. In fact, over 78 percent of missing children in the United States are abducted by family members, usually by one of their parents.

You, therefore, need to ensure that your day care has an entry and exit system that requires your authorization. An automated gate makes it more difficult for intruders to access your property or to entice a child who may have escaped your attention briefly, especially if you are just starting out and can only afford the minimum staff-to-child ratio.

An automated gate also makes it impossible for a child to leave the property even if they have wandered outside.

Better Chances of State Licensing

Different states have unique sets of rules for individuals that want to run a day care. In California, for instance, the child care regulations are extensive, and you have to meet stringent standards where safety and health are concerned.

The Child Care Licensing Division will inspect your facility before licensing you to run a day care. The officers also have a right and duty to conduct regular inspections of your facility, sometimes unannounced, to determine your legibility to keep the license. Any sense of negligence or lack of commitment to keep your facility safe and conducive for the children can cost you your operating permit.

Installing an automated gate where you only allow entry after verifying the identity and agenda of your visitors demonstrates your commitment to one of the state's requirements: security.

Reduced Security Expenses

You will need a gate person to act as a buffer between your day care and the outside world. However, you can cut this expense by implementing automated security measures such as fortifying your home with an automatic security gate. The mean hourly wage of a security guard in California as of 2017 was $15.17. The cost will be much higher if you opt for armed guards.

With an automated gate that you can control from inside, you won't need to hire additional security personnel.

More Productivity

If you do not have a gateman, receptionist, or secretary, you can waste a lot of time going to open the gate for parents, deliveries, tours, and guests. You also have to see guests off and ensure the gate is locked. This can be disruptive to your workflow, and the time lost throughout the day can add up quickly.

Save time by installing an automated gate and available surveillance systems that you can operate right from the comfort of your day care office. Install safety sensors to prevent damages and injuries that may arise from remotely controlled gate operations.

Manual gates can be functional and affordable for your home, but they are also prone to numerous security breaches that can leave your property vulnerable. An automated gate is a better option for the security of your home, especially if you run a security-sensitive business such as a day care. It also reassures parents of your commitment to their children's security, consequently boosting business. It also improves your property's value.

If you are considering an automated access system, get in touch with Northgates In Motion for an initial assessment of your home or business security needs, recommendations within your budget, and professional installation.



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