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Signs That Your Driveway Gate Needs to Be Serviced

A driveway gate can provide your home with enhanced curb appeal, property value, and security. In order to stay functional, your gate requires routine maintenance and may need professional repairs as well. In this blog, we list eight indicators that you should schedule an automatic gate repair service visit.
1. Collision
Your residential gate would obviously need repairs if a vehicle crashed into it at full speed. However, many homeowners don't realize that even minor collisions, including incidents involving smaller vehicles like motorcycles, can cause misalignment.
2. Disruption in Power
Automatic residential gates need a stable electrical power source to function properly. You should consider having your gate inspected after any significant power outage, especially if you notice any other issues with the gate, to ensure that the disruption did not affect overall performance.
3. Inability to Close
Driveway gates can stop closing completely for numerous reasons, such as blocked tracks or chain damage. If you cannot see anything obviously blocking the track, the issue is probably internal. To ensure your property's security, have this issue looked at as soon as possible.
4. Inability to Lock Securely
Even when your gate closes completely, it can stop locking securely. If you notice that you can open the gate without inputting your passcode or that the latch doesn't appear to be in the correct position when the gate should be locked, have a gate expert repair the locking mechanism.
5. Nonresponsiveness
Any time you notice a change in how your gate responds to commands, you should schedule a service visit. Because responsiveness issues can occur for a variety of reasons, you will need a professional's help to identify and repair the issue.
In addition to simply not opening or closing, an unresponsive gate may also open and close on its own without a command, fail to sense approaching vehicles, or lose the ability to stop when an object blocks the track.
6. Storm Damage
While collisions are some of the most common threats to driveway gates, inclement weather can also take its toll. After a large storm, check that your automatic gate functions properly and shows no visible damage. 
Fallen trees, hail, deep snow, and ice storms tend to have the most significant impact on residential gates. High winds and torrential rains could affect vulnerable electronic components in the gate as well.
7. Unusual Sounds
Often, the first indicator of an issue with a moving component is a change in the noise that part makes when it is moved. Sudden and/or dramatic changes in your driveway gate noise likely indicate the need for an adjustment or repair. Common problem noises include grinding, squealing, and scraping.
8. Warping
While modern residential gates feature some of the most durable construction materials, age, exposure, or misuse can potentially deform the gate or its housing. Warping can contribute to a number of other issues on this list, such as abnormal noise and issues closing or locking the gate fully.
Look for any signs of sagging, bowing, cracking, or other structural changes in your gate. You may also notice weathering on your gate, such as scratches and dings in the finish. While these cosmetic defects won't affect function, you may decide to have a technician to address them and restore the appearance of your gate. 
If you notice any combination of the warning signs listed above, have your gate assessed as soon as possible. Prompt attention to these issues ensures that minor gate problems don't develop into serious security, safety, or property access challenges.
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