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The Benefits of Adding an Automatic Gate to Your Driveway

Automatic Wooden Gate
If you have been thinking of installing an automatic gate but haven't fully decided yet, the information here will give you a better idea of the features and options you can choose from. Then, you can better understand the benefits should decide to have an automatic gate installed.

Options to Fit Your Needs

A variety of types of automatic gates are available for you to choose from. For example, you can have a gate installed that opens with the use of remote controls, code-entry keypads, card swipers, and more. You can choose from a basic automatic gate with a simple design that's budget-friendly, you can go with a gorgeous automatic gate that's so stunning that the gate may become the focal point of your landscape, or you can choose anything in-between.
You have your choice of materials as well. Your automatic gate can be made from wrought iron, steel, wood, or a variety of other durable materials. You can customize your automatic gate with a design to show off your personal taste.
An automatic gate can also integrate with your current fencing or wall. The gate can be designed to look as if the gate is a part of the rest of your fencing, or the gate can be designed to stand out and become the main attraction of your fencing.

More Privacy, Security, and Safety

An automatic gate protects your privacy by giving you control over who can come through the gate. With the simple press of a button, you can let a car in, or you can deny access to your property.
Crimes don't only happen in bad neighborhoods, and some criminals target people getting in their cars and then carjack them. When you have an automatic gate to stay safely behind as you enter and exit your car, you are significantly decreasing your chances of this happening to you.
If you have children, a gate can help you so you won't have to worry about cars pulling into your driveway while your children are riding their bikes or skating in the driveway. Your pets will also be safer in the yard when you have an automatic gate.

Added Convenience

When you have an automatic gate, you'll no longer have to get out of the car on a rainy day and get soaked as you roll the gate open to pull your car in the driveway. If you live on a street with quite a bit of traffic, then leaving your car to roll the gate open can also be dangerous.
You can let your automatic gate know you are entering when you are getting close to the house, and the gate will be open for you right as you pull up, preventing the need for you to hang your car out in traffic.

Increased Savings and Value

Once you have an automatic gate installed, let your homeowner's insurance company know. Many times, you will be able to get a discount on your premium for adding another level of security to your home. Also, the installation of an automatic gate can increase the value of your home.

Landscape Enhancement

An elegant fence designed around your existing landscape can add to the aesthetics of your property. You can have specific traits included into the gate that helps your gate to give your property fantastic curb appeal.
If you've decided you're ready to have an automatic gate installed on your property, then contact us at Northgates in Motion now. We can go over your wants and needs with you and help you to choose an automatic gate that will serve your purposes the best.



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