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Types of Access Controls for Automatic Driveway Gates

Card Reader
Installing an automatic gate requires careful consideration and planning. Homeowners must think about factors such as design, size, material, and cost when selecting a driveway gate.
However, an equally important consideration is the method of opening the gate, also known as access control. Many options for automatic gate access control are available. Your choice will largely depend on your security needs, the level of convenience you are after, and your budget.
Read on to learn more about the different access control systems for your automated gate.

Handheld Remote Control

A handheld remote control is the most basic method of opening an automatic gate. Remote controls use radio frequency technology and come in many forms, such as full-sized remotes and key fobs.
Handheld remote controls let you operate your gate when you are close or relatively further away depending on the variation of radio frequencies.
In addition to their ease of use, remote control access systems are ideal for the typical household that has multiple users leaving and entering the house at different times.

Number Plate Recognition

Number plate recognition takes your family's security to a new level. This access control system recognizes specific number plates, in this case, your cars' number plates. This ensures that the gate only opens when certain cars approach.
A number plate recognition system is typically part of an IT infrastructure that consists of a camera, computer, and security software linked to the gate. The system lets you enter specific number plates and conveys this information to the gate, allowing the gate to open in the presence of a recognizable number plate.
You would need to integrate this system with another type of access control to let in visitors whose number plates you have not registered in the system.
Proper installation is important to ensure the number plate recognition system works properly. Your installation specialist will need to identify the ideal location for mounting the camera based on the lighting conditions, the camera's shutter speed, resolution and exposure, and the presence (or absence) of speed control barriers to allow the camera to capture plate numbers.

Magnetic Card Reader

Another option is to use a magnetic card reader. This access control system is ideal for busy residences where multiple people and vehicles come and go throughout the day.
Like remote controls, magnetic card readers are a simple, user-friendly, and affordable way to control your automatic gate. The system simply works by swiping or holding up a pre-issued card against the reader to gain access.
If you operate a home-based business in which clients come on site, you could even issue this card to the security staff to open the gate for visitors.

Digital Keypad

A digital keypad lets you key in a predetermined security code to open the gate. You can install the keypad inside the house or at an area close to the house and add another front-facing keypad that allows you to open the gate from the outside.
A smart idea is to install a keypad made from premium stainless steel to safeguard against weather elements and vandals.
While keypads are relatively easy to install and operate, this type of access control is prone to manipulation by hackers who can intercept your security code and gain access to your premises.
Where access control is concerned, be sure to invest in a high-quality system that will deliver ultimate security for you and your family and allow ease of use by authorized individuals.
At Northgates In Motion, we understand that you are making a big investment when installing an automatic driveway gate. We are committed to helping you select and install an access control system that provides value and optimal security. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.



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